Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Music Music Music

I thought I would post some of my music interests for you guys.
I love all sorts of music but I would say my favorite type (which surprises most) is Ska

And by that I do not mean the "New Wave" ska about how the band members are nerdy and never had girlfriends but as I would call it the good stuff.

One of my latest favorites would have to be Lord Creator.

I think I listen to his stuff the most.

I also in love with Wanda Jackson. The woman is 73 years old and still sings just as amazing. I Love when she plays with jack white.

Is she amazing or what?

I wish i could just make a playlist of music i love but thats just a small small almost microscopic list of music I like. Hope you enjoy!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gotta love the beach days!

This spring break we were lucky enough to get away for a couple days and enjoy the refreshing beach weather!  We stayed in  Cambria the first night and Pismo the second.

Oh how I love Cambria.
They have the loveliest antique stores.
I scored a beautiful pair of cateyes and some 1940's heels and WOW what a find those were!

It seems to be very rare that I ever find vintage shoes in my size. Mind you I am 5"8 and wear a 7 1/2
which honestly isnt even a very big shoe size for my height.
regardless I never seem to find vintage shoes for a reasonable price in my size. I find a size 4 a lot but ever mine (tear)
so when i saw these on display in the antique store i just HAD to have them! They were originally for display only but the lady was so sweet and i got them for 19 bucks. I had no problem paying that for them. they were just to pretty.

Here's a photo of me wearing them

I tried to make it large so you can see them. 

The dress is from : Into Your Wildest Dreams vintage 
Hat : thrifted
Sunglasses: antique store

I absolutely love the white piping and red detail on this dress.

Also in Cambria we visited a church/ cemetery that was built in the 1800's some tombs were dated 1820s and up. It was really neat. I wish I had gotten a photo of the church. It was pretty.

Here's a A picture of me in my new bathing suit! Im in love with it. I payed quit a bit for it but I didn't mind. its almost perfect. The bottoms are a tad big but I can deal.

It was a perfect beach day! 

Here was the cutest Victorian bed and breakfast. I just love the colors

Heres a Picture of the Boyfriend and I at Morro Bay

Hope you all enjoyed.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break begins!

Spring break has just began and I am so excited to wear my 3 new swimsuits to the beach this Wednesday !
2 of them being vintage and a Catalina vintage style suit that i got from Wal-mart

Mine is in leopard

It is fairly flattering. I payed about 30 for it which is rare for me to spend that much on one item but I felt it was definitely worth it.

Lately I have been an ebay addict and am considering blocking that website for my own good for awhile.

Recently I have bought a pair of stacked heel cowboy boots, a necklace lot, and a vintage bathing suit.

I have even got my boyfriend into the whole ebay experience.he has bought 2 pairs of vintage shoes.
Which are pretty snazzy if I must say.

Here is the earing lot i won

I love the two matching sets ... they are so pretty! and also the red Bakelite earings.Wasnt a fan of the pink pair on the upper right corner so i just gave them to my little sister. Im sure she will get a lot more use out of them.

I also bought 3 vintage 40's hats for 3 dollars each at a thrift store.
They had the prettiest hat pins on them.
Ill have to post some pictures soon.

Well this post was short and sweet.
Beach pictures will come soon!!!

<3 Sally

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The newbies to the collection

Here are some of my latest editions to my collection. I recently got a few things from a friend who just wanted to get rid of some items she was originally going to sell on ebay.

This dress is im assuming from the 30's. it fits a little big but with some minor alterations will fit perfect!

This will be the perfect summer / day dress. Its very light and I love the colors.
The buttons are fabulous as well.

This is my favorite out of the lot she gave me. It has many damages but it beautiful regardless.  Its in need of a lot of love.

Heres two pictures of the damages.

 A tear down the sleave opening/ armpit area

3 to 4 stains. I may be able to get them out but ill have to see.

This dress is im assuming maybe early 60's. Regardless I LOVE it . It fits like a dream. . .

This suit will be perfect for weddings. Soo pretty. I already have my eye on some shoes on ebay to match. . . 

This dress also fits as if it was made for me. soo pretty.

Last but not least is this pretty blue number. It has some minor rips under the armpit but definitely wearable. 

Heres a picture of my boyfriend and I before a night out. I got his first vintage item for him a couple weeks ago. Its the cool mustard color cardigan he's wearing in the pic.

shoes : antique store
wool skirt: thrifted
shirt:antique store for 5 bucks!