Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year Resolutions

Of course with the new year Its a must to make some new years resolutions!

First and foremost organization
Whith my vintage collecting Aunt taught me was that you need to have a record of every vintage piece of clothing, hat, accessory, in almost a kind of inventory so you have a timeline of what you have collected over the years. She claims she wishes she would of done that when she was my age.

I decided to go through with it !
To do this I must type up a description of each piece with the designer name possible date of the item and place and year of purchase. Also I must note any flaws the piece have.

I am very excited to get this going if I want to ever have a business like she has

Second what every girls new years resolution is. . . lose some weight or more so become more healthy.
I have big plans this year for myself derby wise.
I want to get faster, more agile. to do this comes with more exercise !
over the past couple of months I have gained 15 pounds. Its very frustrating because NOTHING in my diet has changed. I do not eat fast food and I am a vegetarian so i tend to lean more towards healthy foods anyways. I considered it to be my birth control in which I have heard people have and numerous problems with it. I meanly just want to be able to fit into my size 4 jeans again ! I'm only 19 so there is no reason for me to gain weight. Since this "realization"  I have gotten off my birth control and lost 5 pounds since !only 10 more to go!

Last but of course not least I vow to blog more ! I have been to lazy about it and am on my computer too much not to!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Too much too long!

With a new year come many new plans! It has just started and yet been very busy.
Work has slowed down which unfortunitly means so have my hours. I am hoping to find another part time job to help out.
My boyfriend is trying to get a better job so we can comfortably afford to move out on our own. WE ARE SO READY FOR IT all we are in need of is a couch. :)

Well with a new year comes a new hair color! Yes I finally did it! and I love it. although my family does not.

not the most flattering picture of me but it works!

here's some fun I never posted about

 Our kitty bunny is getting big and feisty!!

 My friend and I on Halloween
 Some time with some of my favorite people, my derby team

And my derby wife and I on New Years Eve

Friday, November 25, 2011

A long couple months.

Well Happy Thanksgiving !
I will have to say mine was definitely not that!
It seems that when one bad thing happens 4 others are soon to follow.
Regardless I did find a really neat slightly too small dress. Its really odd looking. Its a Lilly Diamond dress.
heres a picture.
Sorry I dont look too enthused
Its really cute but I need to loose about 4-5 pounds to fit into it. which I was working on anyways Soo more incentives are good.

Lately  my boyfriend and I have been doing a lot of estate sale shopping. The only thing I don't enjoy is getting up so early on my day off but it is definitely worth it in the end.

I will have to post with some pictures with my recent finds.  Sine we are looking to move out we have slowly been collecting furniture, lamps, plates, etc. after they are purchased they have to immediately go into storage since we have no room at the house.
We bought a Formica table that we had to drive a couple hours for but it was definitely worth it.

Friday, October 21, 2011

sometimes life sucks.

Well I have not heard back from the vintage store in weeks and am pretty upset about it. I was really hoping this job would work out for me not only for the money but for the fact I would actually enjoy every moment of it.
I have horrible anxiety and stress about unnecessary things. witha job i dont like it tends to make it a lot worse.
well I have been working at a friends parents propane company.working only4-5 hours a day.  . which kind of sucks. It is definitely better than sitting on my butt though!
well thats all thats been going on in my life!! I do have a derby bout this weekend! photos will soon follow.
heres some fun pictures.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Possible New Job

Today my boyfriend and I went to one of my favorite vintage clothing stores to take a look at their Halloween costumes. One of the women working complimented my outfit and jokingly asked if I wanted a job. She was surprised when I told her i would actually be interested.
She had me fill out a job app. I talked to a few other women in the store and they said they would put in a really good word in with the owner.

I would LOVE for this to work out, it would be my absolute dream job.
WISH me luck!!


P.S. here's some fun Halloween pictures :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

In desperate need of a Hair Change!

So I have recently decided to grow out my bangs. Cutting them has become addicting and any other attempt I have had to grow them has failed. Well it wont this time! Well with them growing out i will be able to do a lot more accurate hair styles. With bangs there is not much I can do. 

As you have seen from my pictures I have a redish blonde hair color.
I have been really wanting to dye it a darker brown with a hint of red. . but the fear of never having my origanal hair color again is holding me back.

I have been told my numerous people that i will regret it. that my color is so unique.
hmm well I guess I will keep it for now but a short haircut is on the way!

I want something like this ..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Latest bout

Well this past Saturday we had our latest roller derby bout (game)
We lost by only a couple points which was a shame. We have a lot of new girls that made there debut soI felt we did pretty good considering it was there first time .

Here are some fun pictures.