Friday, October 21, 2011

sometimes life sucks.

Well I have not heard back from the vintage store in weeks and am pretty upset about it. I was really hoping this job would work out for me not only for the money but for the fact I would actually enjoy every moment of it.
I have horrible anxiety and stress about unnecessary things. witha job i dont like it tends to make it a lot worse.
well I have been working at a friends parents propane company.working only4-5 hours a day.  . which kind of sucks. It is definitely better than sitting on my butt though!
well thats all thats been going on in my life!! I do have a derby bout this weekend! photos will soon follow.
heres some fun pictures.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Possible New Job

Today my boyfriend and I went to one of my favorite vintage clothing stores to take a look at their Halloween costumes. One of the women working complimented my outfit and jokingly asked if I wanted a job. She was surprised when I told her i would actually be interested.
She had me fill out a job app. I talked to a few other women in the store and they said they would put in a really good word in with the owner.

I would LOVE for this to work out, it would be my absolute dream job.
WISH me luck!!


P.S. here's some fun Halloween pictures :)