Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What I forgot. .

Yes, I am finally getting around to posting some more pictures from the Chicago trip.

 Her cat Romeo
 We went to dinner dressed fancy  . . .
 This is Ann. She owns tall the amazing vintage clothing.
Oh how I wish I could of left with that dress. It was my favorite out of her whole collection . .

 This barn was also full of clothes.
 YES that is a tub of vintage saddle shoes! There were 3 more!
 One of the other trailers

Friday, August 12, 2011

Halloween is sneaking up on me!

and I am not the least bit prepared. Usually by know I have my costume at least planned out.
Halloween is my favorite holiday and every costume must be epic.
Heres some photos from last year.

I was a dead Emelia Earnhardt

He was a dead bus driver :) 
This year I wanted to go with the Carmen Miranda thing but I want a home made costume. . . not some flimsy ugly thing. I have not found one costume online that i liked and I dont think I Could sew one. . . I could def make a cool hat. I took some pictures of Tom Tierney's paper dolls of some neat costumes of hers

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A vintage lovers heaven . . .

Well I don't know if I mentioned this before but I have a 3rd cousin that lives in the boonies of Chicago that owns a costume company. She has been collecting since she was 13 and is now 73. We have been talking for the past couple years about my love for vintage and eventually planned for me to come down a visit.
My grandma, sister and I flew out on Wednesday. 
She has a barn and 3 mobile homes full of vintage clothing ranging from the 1800s- the 1980s. I spent 2 days looking through all the clothes (could of spent a month) , trying them on, taking pictures, etc.
I can only wish that my collection will grow to be at the most 25% of what she has.

I will post some pictures when I can but heres one off of my camera phone.

mind you this is one room in one of the trailers. .
this is the 40s-50s women's clothing room.

Every dress bag is labeled with the era, designer, the measurements, and small details about the dress (tears, ruffles, etc.)

Alright will update with new photos soon!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

vacations and what not

I know its been to long but things have gotten pretty busy for the past month or so.
I just got back yesterday from rollercon. I was there for a week and I have to say it was SO much fun.

Rollercon is a roller derby convention that is held every year in Vegas. It is for a skill levals. You can take classes by some of the top derby players or do scrimmages. It is an amazing learning experience. People come from all over to attend. There were some from England, Canada, and Australia.

I can only dream about being as good as some of those girls one day. I cant wait till next year!
heres some pictures of us skating down the Vegas strip.

 I believe skating down the strip was the most fun I had all week! we even skated through the hotels . . . 
 At the fountain.
 The wax figure of Woopie Goldburg . . .
 Me and My boyfriend at Fremont Street.

Now for my recent purchases!!! 
 I got these for around 5 bucks one ebay for they were poorly listed. I got very lucky!!
 These are not vintage but are cute none the less
This matching Set I also got on ebay for i believe only 10 bucks. they fit perfect but of course the first time I wore them the zipper broke. . . which was unfortunate but a quick fix.