Sunday, May 22, 2011

My yesterday

Wow what an amazing day it was! Had my 2nd derby bout ever and came out of it pretty proud of my team and myself. We won by 20 points . Which in derby is not that much. I had a blast.

Here's some fun pics of me at the game.

 In this picture you can see my latest lovely wheel bruise from practice. .

"good game, good game" 

Well not even a day off after the game .I have to go right back on my skates to work. 
Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh how im in need

I have been searching high and low for a vintage vanity. Of course I do not want to pay some crazy small fortune for it and that my be part of the reason I am having this luck.

Woolworth's has a nice one for around 200. . This may be doable !
We'll have to see.

I want of course a real vintage vanity not some cheap plastic looking one.

something like this

Well I am going to continue to be on the search.
Be back soon!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Latest Finds

Heres my weeks finds.

This is the coolest thing we found.
Im assuming its a 50's painters/ carpet guide.
Its really neat!

I mean how fun is that! All for just a buck!
heres an advertisement from the 50's i found on google. .

I am a sucker for Pendleton anything. I have many shirts, jackets, skirts but this is definitely the best quality and best condition shirt i have found yet. I love the colors.

 I know its hard to tell but there is just a tad bit of pink in the plaid.

This purse was just 3 bucks and in beautiful condition,

Last but not least these 40s style shorts. I dont care for the tortoise shell button but that is always fixable.

Well I hope you all have an amazing weekend.
Unfortunately I will be working my little but off tomorrow until midnight. . . wish me luck !

Thursday, May 12, 2011

cant help but want . . .

I've been keeping an eye on these corked wedges. . .
They are not pricey and are just so darn cute!

we'll see what I'll do when my paycheck comes in a week . ..

I also want/ need these ;)

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


even though its late Happy Mothers Day !
My grandma took the job of my mom when I was born so these are for you.

Her 8th grade class 1955 ( she has the braids)

 My grandma at her wedding
Isnt she just gorgeous! if only she kept all of her clothes

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Skatin' Fool

I have officially crossed over to the dark side . . . fast food.

Today I had an interview at sonic and got hired right on the spot! I only worked 41/2 hours but it felt like a days worth.

Unfortunately there is no red lipstick allowed which is somewhat upsetting.
I have a lot to learn but hopefully I can stick with it and get some cash flowing in!

If only our uniforms were this cute!

Other than that my days have consisted of working at the ranch and window shopping at Woolworths.
I absolutely love that store even though they tend to have things for a little pricey. 

 I thought this was neat

Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend travels

Man what a busy weekend it has been!
I'm glad to be sitting and relaxing.

This weekend consisted of the usual derby derby derby
and thrift shopping

My boyfriend got an amazing  opportunity to run lights for a musical in Beverly Hills. On Friday he was only going to be staying for a couple hours so we figured might as well make it a shopping day with our free time.
We originally wanted to go to Hollywood but changed our minds when we realized how close the garment district was.  On the way there we saw a little thrift store.

They had a lot of 70s stuff.

a really cute 60's dress with matching jacket but it was definitely going to be to big. I had to leave it for someone else

I did score on 3 pairs of vintage earings.
I love the diamond looking screw backs.

After that we made our way to the garment district. it was fairly packed for a friday at 2 o-clock.
There is an overwhelming amount of vendors and men coming up to me selling perfume as if it were a drug! they literally whispered it in my ear.
I ended up getting 3 pairs of leggings for 10 bucks (use them for derby)
and 2 pairs of vintage style cateyes for 8 bucks.

(sorry about the bad camera phone picture )

the boyfriend got a nice shirt and a newsboy cap.

I also went thrifting on Wednesday and these were my two finds.

This dress i could just not put my finger on what era it was from.
The back and bra made me think 50's
but the print and straps just mad me think 90's. . .
I researched it right when I got home and I believe it is from the 70's
even though they did make dresses just like it with different print in the 50's.

Regardless I love it! even though I usually do not care for clothes from that time period.

I Found this Hand made dress

It was in the childrens section but fits pretty good. the neck is just a little snug but the waist is perfect.

Its also a tad bit shorter than I would prefer but then again I am 5"8  so most vintage things are.
The hem seems like it could be let out a bit on the bottom so that may help.
I think its adorable.

alrighty folks thats all for now.
Heres a fin pic of me at the bout on Saturday.  I am dressed a little lazy ;)

Im the one in with the blue bow.