Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend travels

Man what a busy weekend it has been!
I'm glad to be sitting and relaxing.

This weekend consisted of the usual derby derby derby
and thrift shopping

My boyfriend got an amazing  opportunity to run lights for a musical in Beverly Hills. On Friday he was only going to be staying for a couple hours so we figured might as well make it a shopping day with our free time.
We originally wanted to go to Hollywood but changed our minds when we realized how close the garment district was.  On the way there we saw a little thrift store.

They had a lot of 70s stuff.

a really cute 60's dress with matching jacket but it was definitely going to be to big. I had to leave it for someone else

I did score on 3 pairs of vintage earings.
I love the diamond looking screw backs.

After that we made our way to the garment district. it was fairly packed for a friday at 2 o-clock.
There is an overwhelming amount of vendors and men coming up to me selling perfume as if it were a drug! they literally whispered it in my ear.
I ended up getting 3 pairs of leggings for 10 bucks (use them for derby)
and 2 pairs of vintage style cateyes for 8 bucks.

(sorry about the bad camera phone picture )

the boyfriend got a nice shirt and a newsboy cap.

I also went thrifting on Wednesday and these were my two finds.

This dress i could just not put my finger on what era it was from.
The back and bra made me think 50's
but the print and straps just mad me think 90's. . .
I researched it right when I got home and I believe it is from the 70's
even though they did make dresses just like it with different print in the 50's.

Regardless I love it! even though I usually do not care for clothes from that time period.

I Found this Hand made dress

It was in the childrens section but fits pretty good. the neck is just a little snug but the waist is perfect.

Its also a tad bit shorter than I would prefer but then again I am 5"8  so most vintage things are.
The hem seems like it could be let out a bit on the bottom so that may help.
I think its adorable.

alrighty folks thats all for now.
Heres a fin pic of me at the bout on Saturday.  I am dressed a little lazy ;)

Im the one in with the blue bow.

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