Friday, July 1, 2011

Its been too long!

Well lately I have been to busy with work and vacation planing I haven't gotten a chance to post about my finds from Fresno!
Well last weekend we took a drive to Fresno so that the boyfriend could ref a game. We left early to hit up some thrift stores around the corner from the Fairgrounds.
We found so much good stuff!

First Let me yet again apologize about the picture quality. maybe I will have some extra cash to buy a camera soon!

 This Lucite top purse was a find! I only paid 8 bucks for it ! 

 This a little big but still wearable 

 This I actually got in Ventura. I wore it to Fresno.
 Definitely 60s
 I dont really know the exact era this Jacket is from im thinking 40s? I like it nonetheless

I know its hard to tell but these shoes matched the 60's dress PERFECTLY like they were made for each other.

Well tomorrow we are off to Santa Maria hopefully i can hit up some more shops. There is also an estate sale with 50s furniture that I may just have to make time for.

Have a wonderful weekend !


  1. great finds! did you have any luck at the estate sale?

  2. Unfortunately everything was too pricy for me. I did get a cute little picnic basket though! :)

  3. Like your finds, esp the jacket.