Friday, November 25, 2011

A long couple months.

Well Happy Thanksgiving !
I will have to say mine was definitely not that!
It seems that when one bad thing happens 4 others are soon to follow.
Regardless I did find a really neat slightly too small dress. Its really odd looking. Its a Lilly Diamond dress.
heres a picture.
Sorry I dont look too enthused
Its really cute but I need to loose about 4-5 pounds to fit into it. which I was working on anyways Soo more incentives are good.

Lately  my boyfriend and I have been doing a lot of estate sale shopping. The only thing I don't enjoy is getting up so early on my day off but it is definitely worth it in the end.

I will have to post with some pictures with my recent finds.  Sine we are looking to move out we have slowly been collecting furniture, lamps, plates, etc. after they are purchased they have to immediately go into storage since we have no room at the house.
We bought a Formica table that we had to drive a couple hours for but it was definitely worth it.

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  1. That dress is adorable, I really love the little collar, very unusual! :)