Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Too much too long!

With a new year come many new plans! It has just started and yet been very busy.
Work has slowed down which unfortunitly means so have my hours. I am hoping to find another part time job to help out.
My boyfriend is trying to get a better job so we can comfortably afford to move out on our own. WE ARE SO READY FOR IT all we are in need of is a couch. :)

Well with a new year comes a new hair color! Yes I finally did it! and I love it. although my family does not.

not the most flattering picture of me but it works!

here's some fun I never posted about

 Our kitty bunny is getting big and feisty!!

 My friend and I on Halloween
 Some time with some of my favorite people, my derby team

And my derby wife and I on New Years Eve

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