Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year Resolutions

Of course with the new year Its a must to make some new years resolutions!

First and foremost organization
Whith my vintage collecting Aunt taught me was that you need to have a record of every vintage piece of clothing, hat, accessory, in almost a kind of inventory so you have a timeline of what you have collected over the years. She claims she wishes she would of done that when she was my age.

I decided to go through with it !
To do this I must type up a description of each piece with the designer name possible date of the item and place and year of purchase. Also I must note any flaws the piece have.

I am very excited to get this going if I want to ever have a business like she has

Second what every girls new years resolution is. . . lose some weight or more so become more healthy.
I have big plans this year for myself derby wise.
I want to get faster, more agile. to do this comes with more exercise !
over the past couple of months I have gained 15 pounds. Its very frustrating because NOTHING in my diet has changed. I do not eat fast food and I am a vegetarian so i tend to lean more towards healthy foods anyways. I considered it to be my birth control in which I have heard people have and numerous problems with it. I meanly just want to be able to fit into my size 4 jeans again ! I'm only 19 so there is no reason for me to gain weight. Since this "realization"  I have gotten off my birth control and lost 5 pounds since !only 10 more to go!

Last but of course not least I vow to blog more ! I have been to lazy about it and am on my computer too much not to!!

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