Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gotta love the beach days!

This spring break we were lucky enough to get away for a couple days and enjoy the refreshing beach weather!  We stayed in  Cambria the first night and Pismo the second.

Oh how I love Cambria.
They have the loveliest antique stores.
I scored a beautiful pair of cateyes and some 1940's heels and WOW what a find those were!

It seems to be very rare that I ever find vintage shoes in my size. Mind you I am 5"8 and wear a 7 1/2
which honestly isnt even a very big shoe size for my height.
regardless I never seem to find vintage shoes for a reasonable price in my size. I find a size 4 a lot but ever mine (tear)
so when i saw these on display in the antique store i just HAD to have them! They were originally for display only but the lady was so sweet and i got them for 19 bucks. I had no problem paying that for them. they were just to pretty.

Here's a photo of me wearing them

I tried to make it large so you can see them. 

The dress is from : Into Your Wildest Dreams vintage 
Hat : thrifted
Sunglasses: antique store

I absolutely love the white piping and red detail on this dress.

Also in Cambria we visited a church/ cemetery that was built in the 1800's some tombs were dated 1820s and up. It was really neat. I wish I had gotten a photo of the church. It was pretty.

Here's a A picture of me in my new bathing suit! Im in love with it. I payed quit a bit for it but I didn't mind. its almost perfect. The bottoms are a tad big but I can deal.

It was a perfect beach day! 

Here was the cutest Victorian bed and breakfast. I just love the colors

Heres a Picture of the Boyfriend and I at Morro Bay

Hope you all enjoyed.