Sunday, April 3, 2011

The newbies to the collection

Here are some of my latest editions to my collection. I recently got a few things from a friend who just wanted to get rid of some items she was originally going to sell on ebay.

This dress is im assuming from the 30's. it fits a little big but with some minor alterations will fit perfect!

This will be the perfect summer / day dress. Its very light and I love the colors.
The buttons are fabulous as well.

This is my favorite out of the lot she gave me. It has many damages but it beautiful regardless.  Its in need of a lot of love.

Heres two pictures of the damages.

 A tear down the sleave opening/ armpit area

3 to 4 stains. I may be able to get them out but ill have to see.

This dress is im assuming maybe early 60's. Regardless I LOVE it . It fits like a dream. . .

This suit will be perfect for weddings. Soo pretty. I already have my eye on some shoes on ebay to match. . . 

This dress also fits as if it was made for me. soo pretty.

Last but not least is this pretty blue number. It has some minor rips under the armpit but definitely wearable. 

Heres a picture of my boyfriend and I before a night out. I got his first vintage item for him a couple weeks ago. Its the cool mustard color cardigan he's wearing in the pic.

shoes : antique store
wool skirt: thrifted
shirt:antique store for 5 bucks!


  1. :D Lovely additions to your wardrobe!

  2. wow i definetly love the vintage outfits (: