Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Break begins!

Spring break has just began and I am so excited to wear my 3 new swimsuits to the beach this Wednesday !
2 of them being vintage and a Catalina vintage style suit that i got from Wal-mart

Mine is in leopard

It is fairly flattering. I payed about 30 for it which is rare for me to spend that much on one item but I felt it was definitely worth it.

Lately I have been an ebay addict and am considering blocking that website for my own good for awhile.

Recently I have bought a pair of stacked heel cowboy boots, a necklace lot, and a vintage bathing suit.

I have even got my boyfriend into the whole ebay experience.he has bought 2 pairs of vintage shoes.
Which are pretty snazzy if I must say.

Here is the earing lot i won

I love the two matching sets ... they are so pretty! and also the red Bakelite earings.Wasnt a fan of the pink pair on the upper right corner so i just gave them to my little sister. Im sure she will get a lot more use out of them.

I also bought 3 vintage 40's hats for 3 dollars each at a thrift store.
They had the prettiest hat pins on them.
Ill have to post some pictures soon.

Well this post was short and sweet.
Beach pictures will come soon!!!

<3 Sally

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